After almost a month on the Maine Coast we set our sights inland to the high peaks.

I love the ocean. It’s wild and unpredictable and I get a feeling of wonder looking deep into the horizon. I enjoy sitting on the coast watching the tide bash wave after wave onto the rocks.

But deep in my heart I’m a mountain person. I love the thin air, the dizzy heights, the remoteness. I like being somewhere too big to take in, too vast to be able to explore in my lifetime.

Leaving Maine – where we spent an incredible 4th of July long weekend with a group of friends – we pointed Hobbes north and crossed into New Hampshire near North Conway.

I have history with the White Mountains. Both of my sisters worked for the Appalachian Mountain Club in the Whites during summer breaks from university, and I followed in their footsteps. Those summers, both visiting and working, were filled with exploration and a wild kind of freedom.

We’ve been staying in the driveway of one of my colleagues and have an incredible view of Mount Washington. As we settled in his neighbors invited us over for one last 4th of July BBQ. We met climbers and mountaineers, chatted about our many mutual acquaintances (it being a small world, after all), and answered a lot of questions about Hobbes.

Since arriving on Tuesday we’ve hiked everyday, and Mike has taken long road bike rides on the mountain roads. I’ve been spoiled by the gradual, switchbacked trails of the west. In the White Mountains the trails climb straight uphill over boulders and gnarly roots for mile after mile. My legs (and lungs!) aren’t sure what to make of it.

We’ll be in the Whites for awhile longer and will then continue our mountain tour with some time in the Green Mountains of Vermont. If you have a favorite hike or spot to visit in either of these mountain chains, I’d love to hear it.

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