Hiking, a big-band street dance, farmers markets, military forts…it’s been a great week.

We started off near Burlington visiting our friends Melaina and Mike. We spent two nights eating great food, drinking great scotch, and playing with their three sweet kitties.

On Friday Melaina took the day off work and brought us on one of her favorite trails up Camels Hump. It was a misty, moody day. We couldn’t see much (ok, we couldn’t see anything) from the top, but it was a great adventure.

On Saturday we spent the morning in Burlington grabbing a drink with one of Mike’s friends from high school then exploring the vibrant shops downtown. I am in awe of the variety and number of tables at the Burlington farmers market. It was bustling and clearly the place to be on a Saturday morning.

After the market we drove to Middlebury, Vermont. Middlebury is known for it’s private university (which has beautiful campus – Lemhi and I took a long, quiet walk through it) but in the summer it’s simply a cute little Vermont town. We grabbed ice cream at dusk and joined in an evening street dance. The music was provided by a “big band” playing swing music and other classics. There had to have been at least 15 horn players!

The next morning we managed to squeeze in a hike to the Falls of Lana and Silver Lake. The back side of Silver Lake is dark, damp and shaded. This spooky backdrop was a veritable gold mine of mushrooms, and I took the time to document some of the ones I found. I know nothing of mushrooms, but there were a lot of cool looking specimens.

Upon leaving Vermont we decided to make our way toward Lake Placid for another shot at hiking in the High Peaks. Last month we got rained out, and we were determined to try again. On the drive across the southern tip of Lake Champlain we stopped at Crown Point Historic Park.Crown Point is an unassuming little state park that blew me away. It’s the site of two old military forts – a French fort and a British fort. It was a sweltering hot day, and we brought Lemhi with us to explore the grounds of both. It was crazy to see the Union Jack flying over the British fort’s old stone walls.

We landed in Lake Placid and stayed two nights, though we weren’t able to get in the hiking we really wanted to do. It was rainy (again) and though neither of us mind the rain, the rain was accompanied by thunderstorms. I do mind being above treeline during a thunderstorm.

Lake Placid was overrun not only with visitors, but with triathletes for this week’s Ironman. While swimming at the town beach – something Mike did every day while we were there – I watched the triathletes trying out the swim course in preparation. Eventually, with more rain in the forecast, we decided to move on.

We’re happily back at Mikes parent’s house. I shared with Mike last weekend that I would love a few days on the water to relax (though in truth, I do little relaxing these days) and though we hadn’t anticipated we’d be here, I’m glad we are.

The last two days we’ve been kayaking, watching the loons and ducks swim the lake with their babies, eating our meals on the deck overlooking the lake, and taking advantage of having an oven by cooking shortbread and chocolate chip cookies.

We’ll be here in the Adirondacks for awhile longer before heading down toward eastern New York and to our old stomping grounds in the Berkshires.

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