When we left on this journey we intended to be gone for twelve months. We pulled out of Idaho on January 1, 2017 with the expectation of being back for New Years.

Plans changed, though, when we agreed to rent out our house for longer and took a gamble on another six months of travel. That was way back in mid-January, before we really understood what we were doing.

And phew, I’m glad we did. I can’t imagine stopping now. There’s so much we haven’t seen, places we haven’t explored, friends we haven’t met. Six months will likely pass quickly – too quickly – like these last six months did.

Continuing my special edition from last week, here are some of the “unseen” moments of our journey since July. We’re busy packing Hobbes and will hit the road tomorrow, driving south in search of (you guessed it!) warmer weather.

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