Last year at this time Mike and I were frantically trying to get rid of the last of our things. We were saying goodbye to friends, working our way down a never ending task list, and wrapping up as many loose ends as we could. I was excited and anxious about getting on the road in Hobbes.

This week we’ve been doing many of the same things: working our way through a long list of appointments and tasks, seeing friends, and trying not to leave too many loose ends. Errands aren’t too fun to write about, nor are they too fun to read. So instead I’m going to do something different this week and next – I’m going to share some of the yet-to-be-seen photos from the trip.

I’ve taken 25,000 photos while on the road and have put only a small fraction here in the journal. Looking back through the first six months of this trip made me near burst with joy. I hope you’re as excited to see a couple more photos as I am to share them.

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