Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for what a crazy year this has been, driving over 25,000 miles and experiencing amazing places and people all over the country. It’s been a wild ride, and one I’m excited to continue in a couple weeks.We spent Thanksgiving with friends, eating far too much food and having a gluttonous amount of fun. Anyone else excited for lots of turkey sandwiches in the near future?

This past week was full of errands and tasks. I’m jokingly calling this month in Idaho our “month of adulting.” It’s a bit misleading because it suggests that the rest of the year we don’t have adult problems or tasks (which isn’t true), but we are trying to smash a lot into a few short weeks.Over the past seven days we’ve both been to the dentist, Mike the eye doctor, and Lemhi the vet. We’ve had appointments with our bank, the post office, our insurance agent, a car dealership and Mike’s barber. Not a day goes by that we’re not running to one place or another to check off something on our big task list.

It’s not all errands, though (thank goodness!). We’ve also been enjoying time with our friends. I’m pretty sure I’ve drank more wine and cocktails in the last two weeks than I have in the past ten months combined. We still have a lot of people to see and spend time with. Errands are what we need to do in Idaho, but being with friends is filling my heart.We’ve also been hiking. It’s the wrong time of year in Sun Valley for hiking but we’ve been going up the mountain behind our rental house, I hiked a popular trail in town near my office, and we did some hiking up in Ketchum. There isn’t enough snow to snowshoe, but a bit too much to hike. It’s a weird season.

Another bonus to being home is not only spending time in our local library, but being able to take out books. In the last week I’ve worked myself through a large stack of library books and will be heading back today to get more. We are never short of books on the road, but in the van I read what crosses my path instead of being able to really pick and choose.Mike has been baking like crazy this week. We don’t have an oven in Hobbes and even if we did it wouldn’t have enough finesse to tackle the more complicated bakes. Mike has made croissants, baguettes, sugar cookies, dinner rolls, peasant bread, and pumpkin pie from scratch (including the crust and cutting/roasting the fresh pumpkin). He just popped English currant scones in, and my mouth is watering already.
Today the sun is shining, the weather is warm, and all the snow that fell earlier this week in the yard has melted. It may not be great for the ski resort, but it’s good for relaxing on the deck. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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