Mike and I have landed in Sun Valley in the weirdest season of the year. The days alternate between bone chilling cold and relative warmth. Hiking and biking trails are either muddy, covered in a little bit of snow, or frozen solid.The strange conditions make any sort of outdoor activity tricky. After spending eleven months in climates where everyday hiking and exploring is a given, it is hard to adjust to limited opportunities. What is even weirder is that when I think of Sun Valley, the last thing I think of is being stuck inside.

It’s a mixed blessing, I suppose, this season. It means Mike and I can focus on the things we really need to do while here in Idaho without too much regret. We continue to go to a pile of appointments to take care of ourselves, Lemhi, Hobbes the van, our house, and the rest of our stuff. It’s funny how even with the limited amount of things we now own, they all still need attention.We bought a new car this week. That sounds peculiar, doesn’t it? Mike and I are batting around the idea of taking a second car on the road with us to give Mike more flexibility while I’m working. We are far from settled on the idea, but knew for certain that if we did take another car it wouldn’t be our off-road beast of an Xterra, which is the only car we have left after selling our diesel Jetta back to Volkswagen last year. So we picked up a new-to-us car, a capable and well maintained Audi Allroad Quattro. Even if we don’t take it on the road, it’ll be a nice around-town car when we get back.

For most of this past week we split our time between our rented house and our friends B and K’s place. They flew to Pennsylvania to pick up their camper van, which was at Quigley for a 4×4 conversion. While they were gone we watched their three dogs, three cats, two goats, and a brood of hens.Despite the strange season Mike and I got in a bit of hiking at some of the local trails around town. We met up with friends for more dinner and more drinks, I wrote a ton, read three books, visited a friend’s bootmaking workshop and played around with the new solar suitcase we’ll be taking on the road with us to charge our batteries. It should allow us to boondock off the grid for longer, as one of our limitations has been how many days we can run electronics before needing to recharge our batteries.

This weekend we plan to head north to the mountains to check out where all the snow is hiding. Mike dug cross country skis and snowshoes out of our tiny storage unit, and I’m ready to do some exploring. In the past year I haven’t once wished for snow, but now that I’m here in Idaho, bring it on!

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