Well, we’ve made it! I’m writing this week’s dispatch from a dining room table with views of sagebrush covered hills and the Pioneer Mountains looming in the distance. After almost eleven months of traveling we’ve returned home, to Sun Valley, Idaho, for a brief break from life on the road.

Why, you might ask? It’s a good question. When we left Sun Valley on January 1 we had every intention of traveling for a year. Our house didn’t have a tenant but we were confident we’d get a great one. And we did. The only hitch is that great tenant asked for an 18 month lease, and we said yes. This left us with six more months on the road that we had originally bargained for.

That’s good news, on the whole, because we love the life we’ve created while constantly on the move. But there were a few pesky tasks that needed to be taken care of: doctors visits, vaccinations for Lemhi, putting a pause on mail forwarding so it would last us another six months, etc. Plus, we really missed our friends.

So we decided to land in Sun Valley for a month to take care of business and recharge our batteries before taking off again. We’ve only been here a couple days but we already did mountains of laundry, I’ve taken more showers than I have in the last month combined, and we did some volunteer work for the local animal shelter.

We pulled Lemhi’s bed out of storage and he has been sleeping with a grin on his face. Mike has been baking like crazy (we don’t have an oven in Hobbes), and I even went into my old office to work for a day. We’re seeing our friends, and hope to mash in a ton of time with them over the next thirty days.

We had a relatively uneventful journey to Idaho. We spent the weekend camped outside Canyonlands National Park at an awesome boondocking spot with great views. I took an entire day to read, write, and enjoy the scenery. The next day we hiked inside Canyonlands, tiptoeing yet again to the edge of some massive cliffs.

On Sunday we packed up and headed to Salt Lake City. We arrived in enough time to run a few errands before driving north of town to camp on Antelope Island. Antelope Island is a gorgeous state park surrounded by the Great Salt Lake. We camped at the beachside campground and walked to the edge of the water to catch an unforgettable sunset.

The next morning, after a quick stop at Straw Market for their famous cinnamon rolls, we made our way to Idaho. After more errands (like winterizing Hobbes in a Lowe’s parking lot!) we drove the final hour and a half to Sun Valley. We went straight to our friends Brooke and Kyle’s house where the four of us cooked a huge meal of braised chuck roast and drank too much wine. We slept in their driveway that night, our last night in Hobbes for a bit. It’s fitting that the last people we saw when leaving in January were Brooke and Kyle, and they were the first when we came back.

The following day we moved into our house for the month. It’s not our house, of course, but we lucked out by being able to rent the house of friends of ours who live here part time. Last night it snowed like crazy, breaking our streak of no winter in 2017.

We’re so lucky to be able to take this little break from the road, but it’s also been wild. I’m used to living on the road, it’s an encompassing lifestyle. I don’t want to fall back into the same habits I had before we left. I’ve changed, and I want those changes to stick even when we’re stationary. This month is a good test of sorts – a chance to decide what is best for us in the future.

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