When I left you last week I had no idea where I was going next. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you probably have it figured out. But for those still in suspense, I’m in Maine!

Last Thursday I messaged my mom about visiting her and my step-dad in New Hampshire. She said they weren’t there, but instead had pulled their travel trailer to Maine and were camping on the coast. We were welcome to join them.

Well, yes, please! We drove along the Ausable River in the Adirondacks, then made our way to Maine. I begged my sister to come, and she pulled in with my four nephews and niece for a night of camping.

We spent the weekend hanging out with my fun, thoughtful, and imaginative nephews and niece. Living in Idaho I don’t see them enough, and now that they are teenagers they are growing into little adults. It’s so awesome.

As a family we ate lots of food, had drinks around the campfire, played games, watched movies, ate ice cream, and went for a long walk on the beach.

This week, with my sister and her family returned to school and work, Mike and I have been hanging out in southern Maine. Not only are my mom and step-dad camped next door, but my step-brother and his wife are camped on the other side of us. My step-brother and his wife are working at the campground for the summer, and were so helpful in getting us set up for the week.

Mike and I met at the University of New Hampshire, just down the road. Yesterday we went spent the day there working from the library, having lunch with a past professor of mine, and taking a long walk through campus. After work we drove to Portsmouth and visited the garden where we got married, then had a drink at the restaurant where we had our wedding reception. Being in this part of the world is like one big stroll down memory lane.

In addition to my part time job I’m hunkered down working toward the launch of my secret project on June 15. I can’t wait to share it with you.

So, what’s next? Today it’s sunny, warm, and I’m working from the beach in Kennebunk, Maine. Literally, toes in the sand. Not every work day is like this, but I certainly don’t mind when they are. Some days digital nomading is so very sweet.

This weekend we’re driving up the coast of Maine to spent time with close friends. When they return to work next week we’ll head to Acadia National Park and make ourselves at home in it’s wildness. Have any recommendations for the Maine coast? Please email them to me!

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