The leaves are starting to turn in the northern reaches of the United States, and for the first time in a decade I am around to see the magic.The color began to creep in while driving across Vermont on our way to the Adirondacks. We’ve spent a number of weeks in the Adirondacks this year, staying at Mike’s parents lake house. It may be awhile before we have the opportunity to stay again, so we squeezed in one last long weekend.

The higher elevation in Vermont meant that the colors were close to “peak,” or the height of foliage season. In the Adirondacks it was about 50% of the way there.We spent time kayaking and paddle boarding on the lake, admiring the colorful hillsides and the way bright red leaves reflect off a body of calm water. The weather was some of the nicest we’ve had in New York, warm enough to be summer.After a few relaxing days at the lake we struck out for the Finger Lakes. We made a quick stop at Stanwix Fort and toured under a sweltering sun. It seems that, like when we visited Crown Point, we only hit forts when it’s too hot to breathe.In Ithaca I worked on the shore of Lake Cayuga while Mike went for a long bike ride. The Finger Lakes look like the sharp tear of a bear paw in the earth, filled in with water. The region produces well known Rieslings, and we enjoyed a few bottles over a delightful dinner with Mike’s aunt and uncle.Yesterday we swung up to Rochester, New York so I could meet with a colleague. It’s a rare luxury to work from an office with a desk and chair, surrounded by friendly people. Everyone was welcoming and interested in my journey in Hobbes. I hope to see them on the road soon.

Rochester has some hip microbreweries, and I spent an evening sipping local cider and working on freelance articles. Good camping was harder to find than I anticipated, so we moved on from the city and are making our way toward the Allegheny Mountains.We’ve adjusted route plans a few times this week, but are settled on cruising the southern shore of Lake Erie on our way to see friends in Michigan. I’m looking forward to the heat wave breaking, as it’s rough on Lemhi, and exploring the midwest.

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