Two weeks ago I was musing to Mike that I’d like to relax on the shores of a lake, and we spent the last week doing just that. We’ve been in the Adirondacks at Mike’s parent’s new house, enjoying the sun and the water.

Of course our relaxing isn’t really that relaxing. I continue to work three days a week for a non-profit, and we are both working daily on Camp Academy. We’re focused on creating content, building our email list, and getting Camp Academy into the hands of beginner campers and hikers.

When we’re not working we’ve been having fun on the water. Mike did a couple open water swims across the lake, and I joined him in a kayak to protect him from boaters. We went early in the morning when there was little traffic, and one morning we were joined by four loons who took a keen interest in Mike’s swim.

We also kayaked every day. We spent hours paddling up down the chain of lakes, checking out beautiful Adirondack cabins. Dogs greeted us from their docks and people waved from their porches.

Mike and I spent afternoons jumping off the dock and swimming in the lake’s warm waters. Mike also tried his hand at paddle boarding and loved it. I think I have caught him secretly looking for places to carry one on Hobbes.

Over the weekend we went to a Adirondack storyteller festival at the library in Old Forge. Four musicians sang songs and told stories of life in this part of New York. One of the storytellers had to be in his 90’s, and his stories were the most charming.

Also over the weekend I logged into Facebook and saw a picture my neighbor in Idaho posted of a wildfire burning right behind our house. We had 24 very nervous hours where we watched the fire from afar. Thanks to an amazing crew of firefighters and emergency personnel the fire started moving away from town, and is now almost contained.

We’re now in Saratoga Springs, New York, visiting with Mike’s sister and her family. Our niece and newphew love Hobbes, spending hours playing inside and climbing up and down the ladder to Mike’s bed. They can’t get enough of “camping,” and Mike’s sister joked that when we’re done with Hobbes we can simply park it in their driveway as a kids playhouse. It’s not lost on either Mike or I that Hobbes is perfectly sized for children…and we’re a lot bigger than children!

We also spent a morning at the Saratoga Race Course. It’s race season and in the mornings they open the track for spectators to watch the horses practice. I love these little opportunities that surround big and crowded events. We sat in an owners box and were able to watch the horses without fighting through a regular race day crowd.

Next up we’re headed to the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. We lived in the Berkshires for three years before moving to Idaho, and are looking forward to seeing friends and hiking a few of the trails we used to frequent.

I am in awe that when I next write it’ll be August. Where is the summer going? Let’s all try to catch it and slow it down, just a little bit.

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