Let me tell you how I feel about a week on the shores of a beautiful lake in the Adirondacks…ahhhh. Looking out my window each morning to see the lake in fog, in sunshine, and in mist was a delight. Occasionally loons would float by, kicking up water as they washed their feathers.

Mike, Lemhi and I got spoiled with a big bed, a bathroom with a hot shower, a beautiful kitchen, and fast internet. It was heavenly, but when we moved back into Hobbes on Tuesday morning and hit the road we were ready for that, too. Seeing family and having the comforts of home is a delight, but so is being out seeking the wild places.

Mike’s extended family was in for the weekend, and his parents house was home base for all the festivities. There was mounds of home cooked food, coolers of drinks, fishing and bubble blowing for the kids, and lots of celebrating.

In between days of festivities we found time to hike (twice!) to a fire tower overlooking the Fulton Chain of lakes. We even managed to climb up there with Mike’s young niece and nephew. I love seeing how enthusiastic kids are about finding wildflowers and climbing over rocks like little mountain goats. The kids also loved playing the imagination game “camping” inside of Hobbes. And I loved watching them enjoy our little home!

Over the weekend I fielded a lot of questions about our trip and what we’ve seen so far. Questions like “what is your favorite place?” are so hard to answer. It’s impossible in a diverse country like the United States to pick one place that is the best. (My answer to that question, in case you’re ever tempted to ask me it, is “Uh, I have no idea!”)

On Tuesday we waved goodbye to Mike’s parents and hit the road once more. We cruised across the Adirondacks, passing countless lakes tucked into deep forests, to the High Peaks. The High Peaks area is full of, well, mountains! I’m currently sitting in Lake Placid, the home of two Olympic Winter Games (1932 and 1980). Mike is off biking up Whiteface Mountain, an 8–10% consistent grade for eight miles (ouch).

We’ve been doing some hiking here in the High Peaks and hope to do more this weekend if the rain holds off. The Adirondacks have been a bit wet and chilly but hey, it’s spring. And we don’t melt!

Where to next? Great question…and I’m not sure. We plan to be in the High Peaks through the weekend, then perhaps up to Canada? Over to Vermont? Stay in New York?

Last news of this week: I’m working on a big, secret project that I plan to launch in the next two weeks. It’s been an exciting and intense adventure, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Stay tuned!

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